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Getting the best pedestal fans is one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping your house, office, or any other space cool. But, apart from cost-effectiveness, what are the other advantages of using a pedestal fan?

First, pedestal fans are very portable. Meaning, you can easily move around with it, say from the house to the balcony, as long as there is a socket where you want it. Again, they come in ideal sizes to be placed in any corner with ease.

Second, pedestal fans require very minimal maintenance and are easy to control with remote controls and you can also control the speed and adjust the height as needed.

Lastly, you won’t need a professional technician for installation because putting it together is simple and straightforward out of the box, unlike some other fan types.

And, pedestal fans are available in various colors and numbers of blades to meet various cooling needs.

However, the market is saturated with many pedestal fan brands and types, which makes it a little bit challenging when you want to narrow down to one fan.

In this article, we are going to review the 7 best pedestal fans, where we are going to look at each fan’s features, pros and cons, and also give a verdict to help you pick the best fan for your needs. Read on…

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Top 7 Best Pedestal Fans in 2020

Here are our top seven picks for the best pedestal fans in the market:

ImageName & BrandProduct DimensionOur RatingPrice
Rowenta Fan18 x 18 x 54 inches
Honeywell Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan 18 x 15 x 48 inches
Air King 9420 2026.5 x 23.2 x 64 inches
Vornado 6803DC 20.2 x 20.2 x 39 inches
Lasko 2535 5214 x 14 x 52.7 inches
Vornado VFAN Green15.5 x 18.1 x 55 inches
Vornado 783DC 16 x 17.3 x 38 inches

1) Rowenta Fan, Oscillating Fan with Remote Control – Premium Choice

Key Features:

  • Airflow: 2436 CFM
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 54”
  • Blades: 5
  • Weight: 19 pounds

Rowenta Fan features everything you need in a standard, high power, pedestal fan. Its four speeds (modes) and added turbo provide a powerful thrust that can help cool bigger spaces or larger equipment.

The fan has both manual dials and remote controls you can use to navigate the four cooling modes and an adjustable stand that easily adapts to whatever height you desire.

Its five-blade propeller also provides enhanced performance and the fan can pivot in all four directions (left, right, up and down).

You can let it roam to thrust cool breeze in all directions or set it to stationary for targeted cooling.

Other essential features drawn from the Rowenta 1 inch oscillating pedestal fan include a lightweight, sturdy design that records low noise (similar to decibels recorded in a library).


  • Adjustable height from 42 to 54 inches
  • Pivots at 90 degrees in all directions
  • Powerful fan ideal for larger or hotter spaces
  • Easy to use
  • Produces low noise


  • The grills needs proper care to prevent rusting

Verdict: The Rowenta fan is worth every cent you spend and comes with a reliable set of features that can power cool breeze across any residential space.

The fan’s adjustable height and full range oscillating mode allows you to target any space. It is also user friendly and operates quietly, making it suitable for those seeking low noise room fans.

2) Honeywell Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan White with Remote Control -Best Choice

Key Features:

  • Airflow: N/A
  • Color: White
  • Size: 48”
  • Blades: 16
  • Weight: 14.45 pounds

Honeywell Double Blade technology offers a powerful pedestal fan that uses sixteen blades to thrust cool breeze into your room.

Its plush design and three-speed settings with both manual and remote controls, make it a natural choice for those seeking reliable pedestal fans for every room.

The fan produces very low noise and has a functionality range of the best tower fans, floor fans, and oscillating fans, in one solid construction.

It boasts a flat circular base that can stand on any flat surface and adjustable height so you can reach taller targets.

Honeywell pedestal fan is also designed to help you reduce energy cost and uses unique technology to provide quick cooling, so you can give your AC the break it needs.

Other features include an auto-off timer, electronic LED controls and adjustable tilt fan head.


  • Stylish looking fan for any interior decor
  • Has functionality as an oscillating pedestal fan, tower fan or floor fan
  • Energy-efficient model
  • Uses advanced cooling technology
  • Produces low noise


  • Not built for oscillation
  • Requires part assembly

Verdict: The Honeywell Double Blade pedestal room fan is hard to resist if you want a powerful energy-efficient model.

This versatile fan uses advanced airflow technology and powerful motors that rotate its sixteen blades for incredible air movement. It is also stylish and durable, making it worth every cent you spend.

3) Air King 9420 20-Inch Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan

Key Features:

  • Airflow: 3670 CFM
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 64”
  • Blades: 3
  • Weight: 15.56 pounds

Air King 9420 is another premium pedestal fan you can choose when looking for compact models for powerful thrust.

This fan is specifically designed to offer powerful cooling using three blades and powder-coated steel construction for long-lasting durability.

The 20-inch pedestal fan suits industrial spaces that require enhanced air circulation and features a long power cord for extended reach.

The Air King 9420 can also be practical for office spaces, garages, stores, warehouses, and more. They boast permanently lubricated bolts and come with a one-year limited warranty.

The fully enclosed pedestal fan provides a solid solution that operates at up to 1500 RPM for a powerful thrust.

What’s more, Air King is among the top brands you can trust for reliable models when looking for industrial grade and commercial grade pedestal fans.


  • Powerful compact fan designed for industrial and commercial application
  • Features steel coating for extended durability
  • Simple interface and functionality
  • Offers three-speed modes
  • Low noise


  • Random granting noises as the model start to get old

Verdict: This Air King 9420 pedestal fan is worth investing if you want a solid performance room fan that features powerful thrust.

It operates at a higher RPM than most fans and boasts long-lasting construction that will give you years of service. The fan also comes with all the perks of the reputable Air King brand.

4) Vornado 6803DC Energy Smart Medium Pedestal Air Circulator Fan with Variable Speed Control (Air Circulator Fan)

Key Features:

  • Airflow: 485 CFM
  • Color: White
  • Size: 39”
  • Weight: 7.6 pounds

Vornado is known for its signature vortex air circulation that powers the energy-efficient brushless DC motors they use in their pedestal fans.

This is precisely what you get from the 6803 model. Its variable speed control offers 99 different airflow settings for precise control, setting the fan apart from most oscillating models.

It also uses multi-directional air flow, equipped with an adjustable height pivoting head, so you can target static objects.

The deep pitched blades pairs with inlet guide cone to thrust fresh air through the enclosed air duct and spiral grill up to 85ft away. The fan is built to meet the US voltage requirements, tested and certified for safety.

It also comes backed by a superior ten-year hassle-free support you can access at any time. Vornado 6803 is also one of the most stylish pedestal fans you will find in the market.


  • Compact, durable fan
  • Ergonomic manual and digital controls
  • Built for safety and powerful cooling application
  • Energy conserving unit
  • Very pleasing to the eye


  • Produces some noise when running on the highest speed
  • Requires assembly

Verdict: Vornado is a premium brand for top rated fans and 6803 represents an encapsulation of their best technologies and engineering. The stylish pedestal fan offers a compact powerful solution with energy-saving properties.

It is also safe and features ergonomic controls you can use to switch between different cooling modes. If you want a stylish portable energy saving fan with flexible indoor applications, you should get Vornado 6803.

5) Lasko 2535 52″ Space-Saving Pedestal Tower Fan with Remote Control– Best Value

Key Features:

  • Airflow: 1970 CFM
  • Color: Silver Grey
  • Size: 52.7”
  • Reversible air-flow: No
  • Weight: 12.4 pounds

Lasko Space-Saving Pedestal Tower Fan is the ideal room fan you can use in any space that requires a little more cooling.

You can set up the fan in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, or any small area. It also provides direct airflow for targeted cooling, as well as an oscillation mode for even air distribution.

The fan also features LED display that shows you the settings you select using the remote control. You can control speed, mode and timer to set up automatic on/off with half-hour increments.

Despite its tower shape, the fan is quite powerful and can meet the cooling needs of any standard living room. The slip design also allows you to conceal it in strategic locations and also adds to its portability.


  • Adjustable height
  • Flexible fan that works as both a tower fan and pedestal fan
  • Powerful room fan
  • Easy to use instructions
  • Intuitive user controls


  • Might not be the most durable pedestal fan

Verdict: Lasko space saving fan is ideal if you are looking for simple variable speed pedestal for your bedroom, home office, RV, prefab steel building or other small space.

It is very easy to use and powerful enough to cool a small space, which makes it the perfect addition for rooms that can run without AC.

6) Vornado VFAN Sr. Pedestal Vintage Air Circulator Fan, Green

Key Features:

  • Airflow: 613 CFM
  • Color: Green
  • Size: 55”
  • Blades: 5
  • Weight: 24 pounds

This is another amazing pedestal fan from Vornado that comes with a trademark vortex air circulation.

However, the model boasts an iconic performance and timeless design that features sturdy metal construction paired with elegant Vornado VFAN styling.

Other specifications include multi-directional airflow with three manual control settings that are easy to use.

Again, the stylish design offers an adjustable height so you can reach taller targets. All electrical specifications are optimized for US voltage requirements and the model is safety tested and certified.

This is the tallest and most versatile model in the VFAN family. It also boasts the encapsulated benefits of Vornado fans, including durable construction, energy efficiency, and efficient airflow.

It also comes with five-year hassle-free support, characteristic of Vornado’s highly regarded customer help center.


  • Long-lasting compact fan
  • Ergonomic controls and intuitive setting
  • Powerful and solid
  • Stylish and versatile design
  • Superior customer support


  • Isolated cases where users reported some clicking but not annoying noise

Verdict: This is another worthwhile purchase from Vornado. The VFAN model offers superior multi-directional airflow that can quickly cool your room, making it ideal for wide spaces.

The smart pedestal fan uses advanced technology paired with an intuitive user interface and stylish finish perfect for any room. You can also contact Vornado support for any questions.

7) Vornado 783DC Energy Smart Full-Size Air Circulator Fan

Key Features:

  • Airflow: 3450 CFM
  • Color: White
  • Size: 38”
  • Thrust: 100ft
  • Weight: 11.7 pounds

This is yet another choice from Vornado, which demonstrates the brand’s excellence at providing functional pedestal fans.

The fan utilizes trademark vortex action that provides powerful air circulation using brushless DC motors. It suits those looking for an energy-efficient adjustable height fan with variable speed control.

It also features deep pitched blades and inlet guide cones that complete the characteristic powerful thrust that sends a cool breeze through a spiral grill up to 100ft away from the device.

Like most fans from Vornado, the 783 model is designed to meet US voltage requirements and comes with ten-year hassle-free support. It is also certified and tested for safety.

The model also features unique, stylish elements that complement its infinite speed settings and intuitive control functions.


  • Stylish and compact
  • Offer both manual and remote control
  • Powerful cooling fan
  • Enhanced flexible cooling modes
  • Easy to use
  • Portable


  • Design is susceptible to toppling when not on an even floor
  • Might be a little noisy especially at the highest speed

Verdict: Vornado 783 is a natural choice for anyone looking for variable speed industrial grade pedestal fans.

The noise is bearable and you can find a safe spot to prevent falling over, which should take care of the primary concerns. You can also adjust the height to target specific items.

Final Words

Pedestal fans come in all sizes and specifications to suit varied needs. From cheap offers to high-end models, these fans feature distinct pros and cons, which are essential to review before spending your money.

Our top seven picks are some of the best pedestal fans that reflect true value for their price by providing advanced technology for powerful cooling.

Make sure you choose a model built for your unique needs. More importantly, select reputable retailers that can guarantee the pedestal fans are from the original manufacturer.

We hope you will find one that suits your needs from the seven choices above. Do let us know which your favorite pick is.