Best Floor Fans

best floor fan

The outdoors is not the only place you should find a nice breeze. You should have this comfort in your living room as well. It’s fine if the cool breeze penetrates the windows of your living room.

However, if it feels hot, sweaty and uncomfortable, we have a solution for you.  Take advantage of the best floor fans you can find in the market. We are here to take you through every step of the way. You need not feel sweaty and sticky when resting in your living or bedroom.

From this guide, you will be able to make a more informed choice on the carefully selected best oscillating fans after hours of research.

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5 Best Floor Fans in 2020

ImageName & BrandProduct DimensionOur RatingPrice
Honeywell HT-90814.4” x 8.1” x15.2”4.5/5$
Rowenta Fan18”x18”x54”4.3/5$$$$
Lasko 20" High-Velocity Floor Fan25”x 12.6”x22”4.4/5$$
Lasko 3300 High-Velocity Floor7.2”x23.4”x25.4”4.5/5$$
Lasko 1820 18″ Adjustable Pedestal Fan20.5”x20.5”x54.5”4.1/5$$

1) Honeywell HT-908, Black, TurboForce Air Circulator Fan (Popular Choice)

Key Features:

  • Design: For personal and homeroom cooling
  • Size: 14.4” x 8.1” x15.2”
  • Weighs: 5.7 pounds
  • Other: 25 percent quieter than competitors,90-degree pivoting head, 3 selectable speeds,

Why we like it: TheHoneywell HT-908 is popular because it comes with less noise that is way better than other similar products. It’s also convenient for medium-sized rooms. All you need to do is place it on a table or mount it on the wall. Who doesn’t want a fan that will give them comfort over a wide radius? The Honeywell HT-908 does just that. It can supply you with fresh bouts of air from 27 feet away. What’s more, its turbo design is aerodynamic which helps to bring massive air movement in your home.

What stands out: 

Allows mounting on table or wall

Unlike many other air-conditioning fans, the Honeywell HT-908 is compact, a quality which makes it mountable. You won’t have to worry about where to fix or place it. Simply put it on a table when playing your favorite video game or watching a movie. Besides, you could mount it on a wall and allow it to blast your entire room away with cool fresh air.

25% quieter than similar products in the market

Air-conditioning fans that generate massive amounts of air tend to emit noise. The HT-908 turbo force air circulator fan is an exception. It offers you intense cooling while giving you the peace you need. The fans create less noise and blow your room with air up to 25 feet.


  • No assembling required. Simply take it out of the box and plug it.
  • Less noisy allowing you to sleep when running.
  • Intense cooling and airflow in your room.
  • Air circulation throughout the night providing you with a breeze.
  • Takes up less space.
  • Comes compact making it easy to mount.


Slow to push air even in its highest setting but ideal if looking for low-velocity air.

Verdict: HT-908 turbo force air circulator is our number one choice. It gives you value for your money with its unique qualities. It’s user-friendly and you require no technical knowledge to operate.

2) Rowenta Fan, Standing Fan, Oscillating Fan with a Remote Control, 4-Speed, Silver

Key Features:

  • Design: For home or office use
  • Size: 18”x18”x54”
  • Weighs: 19 pounds
  • Other: Comes with a remote control that enables you to operate from the desired distance, turbo boost function that creates intense airflow.

Why we like it: Rowenta oscillating fan tops the list of the best oscillating fans since it gives you anintense and immediate sensation of fresh air from the comfort of your house or office. With it, never again will you seek air outdoors. Its airflow is outright powerful. It provides you with targeted airflow thanks to its 16″ oscillating head that comes with 5 extremely powerful blades. It operates quietly giving you the peace you need for the night.

What stands out:

Turbo boost function

Rowenta oscillating fan comes with a turbo boost function.  The turbo boost gives it a powerful air position making airflow out at 2436 feet per minute. The intense air is enough to cool the air in your office or home giving you the best outdoor feeling you could ever want. 

Adjustable Height

Rowenta adjustable height spans from 42” to 54” giving you the option of fixating it to whatever height you want for your best feel. Whether it’s your head, torso or limbs, Rowenta oscillating fan gives you the cool air feeling you need.


  • Extremely quiet operation.
  • Consistent and reliable.
  • Easy access to control buttons thanks to its unusual angle.
  • Remote-controlled allowing you to operate it from a distance.


  • Grills rust quickly but you have the option of using it in a less humid room to keep its original luster.

Verdict: You should buy the Rowenta oscillating fan if looking for a good home or office fan.It comes with a carry handle and remote control. The airflow is immediate with an adjustable height.

3) Lasko 20″ High-Velocity Floor Fan, Black 2264QM (BEST VALUE)

Key Features:  

  • Design: For your garage or shop
  • Size: 25”x 12.6”x22”
  • Weighs: 14.5 pounds
  • Other: 3 powerful speed,comes with a pivot to direct airflow and circulation, has a built-in carry handle.

Why we like it: Its quick-mountfeature makes it flexible to use. Whether you want to use it on the floor of your shop or the wall, Lasko 20” converts easily.

Besides, it saves you the time to assemble it as it comes with a manual that easily guides you through the simple process.

What stands out:

Comes with a pivot to direct airflow and circulation

Rarely do air-circulators come with this future. Lasko 20” is among the best floor fans you want to buy as it gives you the privilege of choosing where to direct airflow. Whether you want high-velocity air to go up, down or anywhere in the room, it has got you covered.

It is built to last

One other thing you will like about this fan is that it comes with built-in rubber pads. The pads are placed on the fan stand which makes it strong to last in a workplace setting.


  • High air velocity.
  • Huge air output for large spaces.
  • Easy to use built-in controls.
  • Adjustable: you can pull it up and down.
  • Built-in carry handle.


  • It is loud and noisy. Preferably you should use it in a large and busy place like a garage. Also, helps to block off unnecessary noise.

Verdict: Indoor fresh air is not only for your loved ones at home or for office workers. If you are a garage or shop attendant, this is one of the quality, best value fans that you want to spend your money on.

4) Lasko 3300 High-Velocity Floor

Key Features:

  • Design: For home gym and drying wet basement floors
  • Size:7.2”x23.4”x25.4”
  • Weighs: 9.25 pounds
  • Other: comes fully assembled, has a built-in carry handle, needs less energy for operation, has pivots to direct air circulation.

Why we like it: The Lasko 3300 wind machine is among the best floor fans that move a lot of air with power.It’s a 5-bladehigh-velocity wind power that can blast huge volumes of air even in the lowest setting.

It also comes with a pivoting head that helps you direct wind circulation wherever you want it to go. You won’t have to bother about your large household airspace.

What stands out:

3 energy-efficient speeds

Because of this feature, the Lasko 330 wind machine is very powerful and can move massive air with its 5 blades even in the lowest setting possible. You can dry up a wet surface or basement easily with this kind of a fan.

White Noise

Sleep is sweet and refreshing if you get well-rested. But it can be a nightmare for you if you can’t bring it on. The Lasko 3300 wind machine proves useful in providing you with white noise that creates a soothing purr for you inducing sleep.


  • Energy-efficient operation.
  • Built-in carry handle.
  • Light and portable despite its size.
  • Good buy for couples with young families as children have no room to push their fingers in.
  • You can tilt it in your favor. Whether to dry up a floor or upwards to optimize airflow in the room.


  • It is loud, however, you could use the loud noise as a bar to other unnecessary sounds in your environment.

Verdict: If you are a gym enthusiast or just doing stuff in your basement, this fan is ideal for you. Buy it and get rid of wet floors and sweaty gym parlors that choke you with stuffy air.

5) Lasko 1820 18″ Adjustable Pedestal Fan – Tilt-back Fan Head Features Oscillating Movement

Key Features:

  • Design: For bedroom, living room and desk area.
  • Size: 20.5”x20.5”x54.5”
  • Weighs: 8.02 pounds
  • Other: it’s a simple tool with no assembly feature, fitted with 3 speeds for efficient air circulation.

Why we like it: If looking for the best oscillation fans, Lasko 1820 18″ is a sure deal for you. It comes with a widespread oscillation that allows the fast spread of cool air in your bedroom. The 90-degree oscillation is made easier with a button that is found at the rear of the fan.

Lasko 1820 18” also comes with a tilt-back fan head located on its pedestal fans. Through it, you can pivot the fan head to whichever direction you want it to face. It could be the ceiling or floor.

What stands out:

Adjustable Height (38” – 55”)

Is there a place you would wish to direct the cool breeze? The adjustable height future in Lasko 1820 achieves this for you easily. Relax in your bedroom and let the oscillating fan do its job. It will make every area of your room habitable at whatever height you want.

Widespread oscillation

You will be lucky to have a fan of this feature. It’s suitable for a room with larger spaces. Through oscillation, the fan will move from side to side. It blows the cool breeze to every area of your room drying every sweat and wetness available. It’s among the best oscillating fans in the market.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Lightweight.
  • Moves a huge volume of air.
  • Sturdy with high-quality plastic.
  • It comes with a timer that doesn’t make you leave it on.


  • Moderately loud. It could be useful in keeping other forms of unwanted noises away.

Verdict: Lasko 1820 18” is special in its kind thanks to its oscillating ability. If you love your bedroom and living room more than other rooms, I recommend this fan for you. It blasts you with the air you need for your indoor leisure time. Buy one now.

Final Words

Floor fans come with loads of advantages. The list above contains the best floor fans, all carefully selected and reviewed to help you pick the best for your needs. With the right fan, you can save on energy while also enjoying great comfort. We hope our selection was helpful.